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Technical services for broadcasters

IP Microwave

UHF Spectrum Repacking

Get qualified technical assistance

If you've participated in the FCC Spectrum Auction and have your new channel assignment, your work is only partially done. You'll likely need someone to help with:

  • FCC technical exhibits and application filing
  • combiner and antenna engineering
  • transmitter re-channel or replacement
  • multiplexer replacement
  • tower engineering and construction work
  • project management
  • installation
  • training
  • maintenance

We can offer any or all of these services. We work with trusted partners to get your project completed on time and on budget. Check out our past experience portfolio. Give us a call at 858-349-9191 or send an email message to

Frequency Coordination

Event Frequency Coordination

Years of Experience

What happens when you have several wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, 2-way radios, and microwave radios all show up at your big event? If you're not careful, you can end up with a mess! A news crew should not be broadcasting on your referee microphone, but they can if you don't prevent it with proper frequency coordination.

Signal Wiz can coordinate your event radio frequency channels so that the media, performers, site vendors, and site management don't interfere with each other. We've been working for years with the NFL, Major League Baseball, AAF, USC, UCLA, and others to help make events go smoothly. We've been to four Super Bowls and even an MLB All-Star game./p>

We communicate with your site, production, and media users, dole out clear channels, and supervise the game. Give us a call at 858-349-9191 or send an email message to

IP Microwave

Carrier-grade IP Microwave for your ICR or STL

It's a good time to upgrade

If your TV and radio stations are still using old analog or one-way digital microwave systems, it's time to look at a replacement system. Your ASI studio-transmitter link system is likely from the late 1990's, putting your station in peril should it suffer an untimely demise. And how is your data stream to and from your transmitter and ENG sites backed up?

Signal Wiz was certified by a major microwave manufacturer. We've installed and maintained the new two-way carrier-grade systems that pass 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps day in and day out. You may not be aware of just how much less they cost than your old STL microwave system due to their wide use in the telecom industry. The newer systems avoid data loss by adapting dynamically to signal conditions.

We can file applications, perform spectrum coordination, pick out the right system for your needs, then install and train you. Give us a call at 858-349-9191 or send an email message to

IP Microwave

Broadcast Engineering and Maintenance

Serving Southern California from San Diego

We have over 40 years of experience in a surprisingly diverse set of technical skills:

  • radio studio and TV control room and systems design
  • transmitter systems design and construction
  • transmitter systems 24-hour support
  • automation system configuration and maintenance
  • studio systems maintenance
  • IT systems design and maintenance
  • desktop support

We work with trusted partners to fill in all the parts you need help with so you don't have to. Check out our portfolio. Give us a call at 858-349-9191 or send an email message to

Gary Stigall

Gary Stigall

40 years of broadcast engineering experience, but up-to-date with the skills necessary to work for you. We can file FCC applications, provide advice, plan your project, and execute the plan. We can install, test, train, and maintain. We can scale up with my very experienced partners to get it done. TV spectrum repacking, low power radio and TV installations, studios, transmitters, antennas--we've done it all. Give us a call at 858-349-9191 or send an email message to

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