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GRBC Arizona

Gila River Broadcasting Corporation

UHF Repack project for the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona
November 2018

The Gila River Indian Community through Pacific Design & Integration (PDI) came to us in 2014 asking for help with building a regional low power TV (LPTV) network from several FCC construction permits that had been approved.

First, we evaluated each FCC Construction Permit (CP) by predicting signal coverage. We found that with a few modifications, we could build three stations that would cover the target 583 square mile community. We applied to the FCC for modifications to those three CPs to correct coverage.

While waiting for approval, we created a budget. PDI planned the master control systems while Signal Wiz planned the RF systems. We chose antennas, transmitters, supporting hardware, and a multiplexer to serve all three sites.

Upon approval of the CP modifications, we purchased the equipment and worked with a Gila River Telecommunications tower contractor to install the antennas and feedlines. Then we installed and tested the transmitters as PDI finished master control. We were able to meet their 2014 year-end deadline, and GRBC began programming high definition TV local content immediately.

Later, GRBC asked us to come back and install a ground-mounted satellite dish to receive the First Nations TV network.

We followed up with field strength measurements and training in choosing the right receive antennas for their community members.

In 2017, we learned KGRQ-LD was going to be displaced from its channel allocation by a Phoenix TV station. We planned a move to a higher elevation site and reuse its sister TV station's channel. This scheme allowed us cover both station's audiences with one transmitter while forfeiting the displacement channel. We got FCC approval with only one month left to obtain equipment and hire a tower crew, but we placed antennas and moved the transmitter before the deadline.

Signal Wiz can offer any, or all, of these services. We work with trusted partners to get your project completed on time and on budget. Check out our past experience portfolio. Give us a call at 858-349-9191 or send an email message to

KSDY San Diego

KSDY 50 San Diego

A makeover and maintenance
Starting June 2012

Signal Wiz was originally called in to address a transmitter emergency. The problem turned out to be overheating that we fixed with some ductwork.

That began a relationship in which we made a series of small improvements to increase redundancy and improve quality in order to avoid downtime, both at the transmitter and studio. We set-up new racks and patchbays, and improved the EAS system. We installed a full-sized satellite dish for network service, and set-up a carrier-grade IP microwave system for a digital STL and control. As time passes, we've been needed less and less, and we're proud of that.

In 2018, KSDY was displaced from channel 50 as part of the FCC 600 MHz spectrum auction. We worked out a channel realignment plan with another broadcaster and moved to channel 31 in February 2019.

Signal Wiz can file applications, install equipment, maintain it, and train you. Give us a call or send an email message.

IP Microwave

Broadcast Engineering and Maintenance

Serving Southern California from San Diego

We have over 40 years of experience in a surprisingly diverse set of technical skills:

  • radio studio and TV control room and systems design
  • transmitter systems design and construction
  • transmitter systems 24-hour support
  • automation system configuration and maintenance
  • studio systems maintenance
  • IT systems design and maintenance
  • desktop support

We work with trusted partners to fill in all the parts you need help with so you don't have to. Check out our portfolio. Give us a call or send an email message.

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